Today's Thought ....Being a Nurse is knowing when to Turn on your "TOUGH" ... and When to Turn on your "Human "... And Finding the balance in between for those in need...     Admissions are open for 2020 Batch
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Sant Ishar Singh College of Nursing

Diploma courses short term courses after B.Sc. Nursing / GNM:-

Short term diploma courses after Nursing:- 1. PG Diploma in mental health nursing 2. Emergency Nursing PG Diploma 3. PG Diploma in Pediatric Critical care nursing 4. PG Diploma in Rehabilitation. 5. Neo – Natal Nursing PG Diploma 6. PG Diploma in critical care nursing Duration:- The duration of the above mentioned PG Diploma …

Evidence based Nursing Practice

Evidence based nursing is an approach to making quality decisions and providing nursing here based upon personal clinical expertise is combination with the most current, relevant research available on the topic.   Steps of Evidence based nursing practice Cultivate spirit of inquiry. Ask clinical question (PICOT) Search for and collect relevant evidence. Critical appraise the …