Today's Thought ....Being a Nurse is knowing when to Turn on your "TOUGH" ... and When to Turn on your "Human "... And Finding the balance in between for those in need...     Admissions are open for 2020 Batch
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Sant Ishar Singh College of Nursing


Eligibility to appear in Examination

A candidate must have minimum of 80% of attendance in theory in each subject.
A candidate must have 100% attendance in each practice area (clinical area.)
Clinical experience and field practice is to be provided in the affiliated by Saraswati Mission Hospital, Pehowa one of the affiliated Hospitals & Govt. Hospital also, CHC/PHC as per sanction accorded by Director General Health Service Haryana.

Marks: for each paper:

Marks required for passing shall be 50% in aggregate (internal, external in written and practical). The percentage of marks for internal assessment will be as prescribed by HNRC.
For each paper, the marks required for distinction shall be 80% and above in the aggregate (internal & external).
On completion of practical experience, record to be signed by the tutor and countersigned by the principal.
The diploma shall not be awarded to the student until she has completed the clinical area/field requirement as per INC norms.


Rules & Regulation of the college & the Hostels:    

Related to Hostel

  • Students should co-operate in the upkeep of the Nurse Hostel and its Surrounding.
  • Room should be kept clean and tidy, student are fully responsible for furniture supplied to them.
  • Cupboard/boxes should be properly locked large sum of money, jewelry and expensive item are not permitted in the room. The institute will not be responsible for any kind of theft.
  • Relatives are not permitted in the rooms.
  • The students will have to sign in the warden register to go to outside and come back.
  • Training can be discontinued in case of Misconduct.
  • Student will have to submit the photograph of relatives (2 copies each) those who want to meet. The day scholar also needs to submit 2 copies of relative who may visit her in case of emergency.

Related to college

  • Switch off the all lights and fans before leaving the class.
  • No students will enter the principal’s office without informing the class teacher.
  • Don’t write or paste anything on wall & board.

Related to Hospital

  • All pocket articles should be complete during duty hours.
  • Don’t visit relatives on duty.
  • Wear uniform for going to the hospital for any work.
  • Don’t wear ornaments and makeup during clinical area.


As per the ruling of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India dated 16/05/2007